You have to add some shares to the configuration file of the virtual machine. Open the .vmx file in a text editor and add the following lines at the bottom of the file to add some random shared folders and enable the drag-and-drop feature: = "FALSE" = "TRUE" = "TRUE"

sharedFolder.maxNum = "2"

sharedFolder0.present = "TRUE"
sharedFolder0.enabled = "TRUE"
sharedFolder0.readAccess = "TRUE"
sharedFolder0.writeAccess = "FALSE"
sharedFolder0.hostPath = "C:\"
sharedFolder0.guestName = "C"
sharedFolder0.expiration = "never"

sharedFolder1.present = "TRUE"
sharedFolder1.enabled = "FALSE"
sharedFolder1.readAccess = "TRUE"
sharedFolder1.writeAccess = "FALSE"
sharedFolder1.hostPath = "/"
sharedFolder1.guestName = "/"
sharedFolder1.expiration = "never"

You can add more or less shares, but don’t forget to change the sharedFolder.maxNum value accordingly. Don’t worry about the locations of the shared folders, they can be changed with your VMware software.

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