The PPA (personal package archives) is one way installing softwares on Ubuntu. Some programs don’t provide the built .deb double-click-install packages and by default not available in Ubuntu Software Center. Apart from compiling from source code by user themself, the personal built packages managed by PPA is good choice.

NOTE: PPAs might break your system, use them at your own risk!

Add a PPA and install software in Ubuntu:

Assume that you get a PPA named ppa:ubuntu-test/test. You can find ppa name on

The easiest and fastest way to add the ppa is using this command in terminal. (Search Terminal in dash or use Ctrl+Alt+T to launch)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-test/test

then update the source via:

sudo apt-get update

finally install software by:

sudo apt-get install PACKAGENAME

If you prefer a graphical way to add PPA. Just launch Ubuntu Software Center, head to “Edit -> Software Sources..”

It launches ‘Software Sources’ window and in “Other Software” tab click Add to add a PPA.

Now, close the ‘Software Sources’ window and Software Center should refresh the cache. You can search and install this PPA hosted packages now. If Software Center don’t updating the cache, use manual way by command:

sudo apt-get update