Gwrite is an HTML format text editor for Ubuntu Linux, focusing on writing and simple text formating. It can automatically generate a table of contents based on the document structure. It includes plenty of features list below and few optional add-ons such as gv, TeX Live(Basic LaTeX packages), Web browser running in text mode, Elinks web browser, Text mode www browser.


1. HTML5 file format
2. Standard word processing user interface
3. Content structure oriented word processing
4. Title style table of contents production
5. Similar navigation/documentation views in Microsoft Word
6. Paragraph selection when double or right click in navigation view
7. Word count: for document or selections, count the words(with and without spaces), paragraphs, lines, English words, Chinese characters.
8. Images inclusion via Base64


Gwrite is already available in Ubuntu official repository, just search and install in Ubuntu Software Center.

If you want the latest version, download the deb from :

Install the dependences:

sudo apt-get install mercurial fakeroot devscripts cdbs debhelper python python-support python-setuptools python-distutils-extra python-jswebkit mimetex

and then install the deb by:

sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb

Gwrite can be launched under Applications -> Accessories -> Gwrite.