There are quite a few Mplayer frontend for Linux. ExMplayer is yet another one that has the thumbnail seeking feature.


As well as that, ExMplayer also has following features:

  • 3D video playback support
  • Volume booster
  • Seekview
  • Audio extractor
  • Audio converter
  • Media cutter
  • 10 band audio equalizer
  • video equalizer
  • Winamp dsp plugins support
  • 8 Audio effect filters
  • 17 Video effect filters
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts and mouse

The latest release ExMplayer 3.8.0 was just released with following great new features:

  • Facebook sharing( Listening to… Watching….)
  • subtitle Search (Thanks to
  • subtitle download and upload (Thanks to
  • support for multiple subtitle languages
  • update checking
  • mini mode

If you would like to try out this media player, you can easily install it by running the commands below one by one in terminal (press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the terminal). Supports Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 10.04 and old version for Ubuntu 13.04.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:exmplayer-dev/exmplayer

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install exmplayer