One easy way to connect to the internet using a dial-up account is to buy a USB modem which the manufacturer describes as “Linux-compatible”.

1.First,install Gnome PPP which is available in System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

2.Go to System -> Administration -> Users and Groups -> Access Advance Settings -> Open User Privileges tab -> Make sure everything is checked especially “Connect to internet using a modem” and “Use modems

3.Now,plug in your external (USB) Linux-compatible modem.Then open Gnome-PPP from Applications -> Internet menu.Click on Setup,click on Detect (Gnome-PPP will then detect the modem),after detection close the box,and enter your connection information such as login,password,local telephone number of ISP an so on.

Finally click Connect.When connection is established,open your browser and surf!
To end the session and exit,close the browser and click Disconnect.

From Full Circle Magazine issue 39