Deepin-Scrot is Linux Deepin’s screenshot program. It’s powerful than Gnome default screenshot capture and lightweight than Shutter.


  • Full screen capture (PrintScreen)
  • Take screenshot of window under cursor (Alt+PrintScreen)
  • Rectangular Region and Freehand Region (Ctrl+Alt+A)
  • Delay capture of Full Screen (Ctrl+PrintScreen)
  • Delay capture of window under cursor (Alt+Ctrl+PrintScreen)

For command line use:

deepin-scrot --help

Install Deepin-Scrot:

Download and install the deb: click here

You may need install pthon-xlib before the deb, run:

sudo apt-get install python-xlib

Customize Keyboard Shortcut:

You can redefine the shortcuts by adding Custom Shortcuts under System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts tab. (get command use deepin-scrot --help )