This tutorial will show you how to convert jpg, png images to pdf file using GraphicsMagick. GraphicsMagick is a fork of imagemagick, emphasizing stability of both programming API and command-line options. It was branched off ImageMagick’s version 5.5.2 in 2002 after irreconcilable differences emerged in the developers’ group.

In addition to the programming language APIs available with ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick also includes a Tcl API, called TclMagick.

GraphicsMagick is used by several websites to process large numbers of uploaded photographs.

Install and use GraphicsMagick:

Ubuntu user can install GraphicsMagick using Ubuntu-Software-Center, or hit Ctrl+Alt+T and run:

sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick

To convert a image, run:

gm convert file.jpg file.pdf

Convert multiple images:

gm convert file1.png file2.png file3.jpg file.pdf

For more, just run:

man gm