By default, Ubuntu boot loader grub doesn’t use any theme. You can customize the background and fonts by GUI tool Grub-Customizer, but it’s not beautiful enough. Here’s a simple guide installing Grub2 themes (background, logos, fonts, scroll bar, etc).

First, download themes. Search ‘grub’ on, you can find many themes for grub2. For example, I downloaded the Windows 7 Aero theme for grub2.

If it gives a in the theme package, you can easily install the theme by running the script via root privilege. In terminal, navigate to extracted theme folder and execute:

sudo ./

Or, you can manually install the theme. Put the Aero/ folder under /boot/grub/themes (create the themes folder if not exist).

Then edit “/etc/default/grub” file, add this line:

GRUB_THEME=/boot/grub/themes/Aero/theme.txt #PATH_TO_THEME.TXT

Finally, update grub to take effect by command:

sudo update-grub