Sbackup is a simple backup tool intended for desktop use. It can backup any subset of files and directories.Sbackup is a good choice if data lost results from hardware failures,accidentally delete or overwrite a file.

Install Sbackup

Just run this command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install sbackup

Using Sbackup

Go to System->Administration menu,you will see Simple Backup Config and Simple Backup Restore.


Clik on Simple Backup Config.

In General tab,choose Use recommended backup settings,if you are new Ubuntu user or aren’t sure what you should backup. This backup will be stored /var/backup by default.

If choose Use custom backup settings,you can change the settings include,exclude files.

Choose Manual backups only,if you want to backup some files from time to time.

In Include and Exclude tab,you can include/Exclude any file or directory you (not) want to backup.

In Destination tab,you can change the backup store location.

In Time tab,you can schedule when do you want to run your backup.


After configuration,clik on Backup Now!,it starts a background process and you will see process id in a prompt window.

Now,use Sbackup to restore data.Go to System->Administration->Simple Backup Restore.You will see the following screen here you can select the restore source folder and available backups,choose files and folders you want to restore and click on “Restore” button.