Ubuntu has a limited shortcut key built-in utility at System–>Preferences–>Keyboard Shortcuts,but you can’t assign hotkeys to your own applications with it,in the tutorial you can do it with gconf-editor utility.

First,open up configuration editor by press ALT+ F2 key combination and type gconf-editor,then click Run


At following screen scroll down to apps–>metacity–>keybinding_commands,and double click on command_1 at right side,then in Value field enter the path to your script or executable you are trying to run.


Now,click on global_keybindings above keybinding_command at left side ,at right side double click on run_command1 and enter the shortcut key.<ALT>W in followings screen means ALT+W key combination,type <Ctrl><Alt>X for ctrl+alt+X key combination and so forth.