This is another script for easily installing minecraft in Ubuntu. This script was inspired by Alloc‘s Ubuntu Minecraft Installer Script

What the script can do:

  • Unity right click option to run minecraft in terminal
  • Install icons
  • Update the Lightweight Java Game Library
  • Checks for the existence of files before creating new ones
  • Install the Minecraft regular or server client.
  • Check to see what which Java is installed on your system
  • Installs Oracle-Java or OpenJDK
  • Set Oralce, Sun, and OpenJDK as default Java
  • Downloads Minecraft for you
  • Installs it to a new “.minecraft” or “Minecraft_Server” folder in your home directory
  • Writes a shell script to the /usr/local/games folder and add it to PATH
  • Creates a shortcut on your desktop that you can use to run Minecraft
  • Create a launchers in your Applications menu
  • Lets you run Minecraft from terminal with a simple “minecraft” command!

How To Run It

  • 1. Download the file from the link below
  • Download the Script: Bash Minecraft Installer

  • 2. Right click and open the file’s Properties
  • 3. Browse to the Permissions tab and check the executable box
  • 4. Double click on the file and choose ‘Run in terminal’

The output of the script looks like:

Minecraft installed under: