In previous Ubuntu nautilus supports drag and drop folder adding a bookmark to left sidebar. But Ubuntu 12.04 Precise doesn’t support this drag and drop adding nautilus sidebar shortcuts. This brief tutorial will show you how to add bookmarks/folders to nautilus sidebar in Ubuntu 12.04.

  • 1. Launch nautilus and open a folder, then press Ctrl+D or navigate to Bookmarks -> Add Bookmarks menu. This will add opened folder as a bookmarks on left sidebar.

  • 2. If method 1 doesn’t work. In nautilus press Ctrl+B to launch Edit Bookmarks window. Overwrite an existing bookmarks and press Enter, the new one will appear and former one won’t be removed.

    3. There’s also a configuration file that you can add/remove bookmarks. Launch terminal from the dash home or press Ctrl+Alt+T, execute this command to edit ~/.gtk-bookmarks

    gedit .gtk-bookmarks