VLC supports the library MPRIS and then D-Bus for Desktop process intercommunication since version 2.0. This tutorial will show you how to trigger VLC playlist actions under sound menu in Unity panel.

First, launch Vlc media player and enable d-bus control interface

  • Head to Tools ->Preferences, at bottom show settins All, then navigate to Interface -> Control interfaces, tick on “D-Bus control interface”

At next login start VLC and see effect!

If you would like to remove something from sound menu like Rhythmbox, Banshee.

  • first install dconf-editor(Ctrl+Alt+T to launch terminal to run commands):
    sudo apt-get install dconf-tools
  • launch dconf-editor and navigate to com -> canonical-> indicator -> sound, remove the value of “interested-media-players” and add a value to “blacklisted-media-players”