This simple tutorial will show you how to add your applications or custom items to the System Settins window in Ubuntu. This may be useless, but choices are good.

In the picture I added Thunderbird, Home Folder and SuperTuxKart game to the System Settings window under Personal, here’s how to:

1.) Hit Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal, then navigate to /usr/share/applications/.

cd /usr/share/applications/

There are the .desktop files, list them via this command:


2.) Edit the .desktop file. For Thunderbird, edit thunderbird.desktop. For Home Folder, edit nautilus-home.desktop. For SuperTuxKart, edit supertuxkart.desktop… You can also create a .desktop file.

Run sudo gedit filename.desktop to edit file, for example:

sudo gedit thunderbird.desktop

3.) Add following two lines to the .desktop file (After Desktop Entry section, and before Desktop Action):


New re-open System Settings, and see effect.