Steps1: Option1: Installing gnome-art,an application for managing the splash screens of the GNOME desktop.
Go to Applications->Ubuntu Software Center,search and install “art manager”(without quotes).
Once installation finish,launch this from System->Preferences->Art Manager,or type “gnome-art”(without quotes) in terminal.
Option2:Unfortunately,gnome-art is not maintained any longer,and this doesn’t work for my ubuntu!So I installed Gnome-Art NextGen instead.
download deb package from this page
Use this command to install(open terminal from Applications/Accessories/Terminal to run command),or double click to install:

sudo dpkg -i name

and I installed i386 deb package in my amd64 machine:

sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture gnomeartng-0.6.0-all.deb

Now,launch Gnome-Art NextGen by typing “gnomeartng”(without quotes) in terminal.

Step2:Install window border theme.

If installed gnome-art,navigate to Art Manager -> Art-> Desktop Themes -> Window Border,and choose theme “Metativo”(you can choose one as you like.)

For Gnome-Art NextGen:
In Window Decoration tab,choose one theme.

Step3:Install cairo-dock,and use this replace gnome-panel.
In Applications->Ubuntu software center,search and install “cairo-dock” (without quotes).
Then,run this in terminal:


navigate to desktop->gnome->session->required_component.In right box,double click “panel” and change its value to “cairo-dock”

Now,logout and backin,enjoy!